our li-ion battery is rechargeable for more than 1200 times! 

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New Wisdom li-ion battery New Wisdom LED cap lamp
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Recent news of the technical of the lamp
Our charger is improved to be with DC6-30V charging function 2008-11
make your personal logo in the lamp 2008-10

mineral lamp >>
Lamp4 LED miner's lamp NEW
Lamp3 LED miner's lamp NEW
KL4MS LED miner's lamp NEW
KL5MS LED miner's lamp NEW
KL8MS LED miner's lamp NEW
KL12MS LED miner's lamp NEW
KL5M LED miner's lamp
KL8M LED miner's lamp
KL12M LED miner's lamp
LED miner's lamp

Charger >>
NWB-30 LED miner's lamp Portable Charger NEW
NWB-25A LED miner's lamp Portable Charger NEW
NWB-20 LED miner's lamp Portable Charger
NWCR-12 LED miner's lamp Charger Rack
NWCR-24 LED miner's lamp Charger Rack
NWCR-30 LED miner's lamp Charger Rack
NWCR-36 LED miner's lamp Charger Rack
NWCR-60 LED miner's lamp Charger Rack
NWCR-102 LED miner's lamp Charger Rack
NWCR-120 LED miner's lamp Charger Rack
NWCR-204 LED miner's lamp Charger Rack
NWB-15 Portable Charger 2008-6
charger rack 2008-6
KCLA series charger rack

LED miner's lamp also call:
LED cap lamp
LED safety lamp
LED mining lamp
KL5M LED mineral lamp
KL5M LED Head lamp
KL5M LED Headlamp
KL8M The old lamp (left) compare with our li-ion battery lamp (right)

complete specification PDF format UPDATED IN JUNE 2008.06
NEW WISDOM Miner's lamp booklet(1.3M)

li-ion battery >>
li-ion battery
site map

Frequently Asked Questions:
Answers of frequently asked questions to miner's lamp

Knowledge >>
A Glossary of Battery Terms
About lamp special vocabulary English/Chinese list
Battery Energy Density
Battery FAQ
battery knowledge
Battery statistics
Battery Tips Contents
Charging lithium-ion batteries
Discharge methods
Discharging temperature
Future battery
history mineral lamp
How charge
Industrial Standard Cylindrical Battery Sizes
lithium-ion the ideal battery
Rechargeable able Battery
the best battery
When was the battery invented

Sample policy:
Samples fee is usd98 for one piece, it is prepaid in advance for lamp sample. Please offer your express account for us to send you the samples. such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, and TNT etc. So that you're able to receive the samples ASAP.
Remittance Route

NEW WISDOM company Introduction

New Wisdom Investment Limited is a R&D, produce, sales and service company for the high technology products. Our company active to apply the high technology from

domestic and out abroad as well. With the advanced production techniques and management mode, we are specialized in Li-ion battery and Li-ion battery series miner's lamp, and the professional equipment of the mine. Our mainly products are Li-ion battery series miner's cap lamp and the series charger and charger racks etc.

Our company is versed in the exist technology and wide in knowledge, with rich experience in the research and is the first in science. We have a young and strong team made from people majored in development and application the high technology. Strong as us, we can absorb the most modern technology and improve the self-creation ability, hence we are capable to make the product in higher quality and more advanced than others.

Our product has the CE certification under IS9002 management system to make sure the good quality. Our engineers and staff involve in the production master the technology and meet the requirements of performance. Equipped with the modern equipment of the best from domestic and abroad countries, we assure to the high quality and high production capacity.
We have successfully researched and started mass production of LED Li-ion battery KL5M cap lamp in the end of 2004. It is product of high tech with LED light and Li-ion battery.

Our factory locates in the new technology development special economy zone in Shenzhen city of China.
Welcome friends and business men from all over the world to pay a visit on us, exchange the technology, inquire for technology from us and discuss business with us.
Browsing our website, you will benefit from it!

Address:4-306, Xianglixincuen, Hongli West Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Tel: 86-755-83911841  86-13316919837  86-13332985903
Fax: 86-755-83906115
Contact person: Tom ding; Mary Deng

Website: //www.wisdom.hk/  //www.li-ion-battery.com/  //www.li-ion.net/
Email: [email protected]

   pc蛋蛋刷水有什么技巧  |  Company  |  Trade terms  |  Feedback  |  Site map  |  Contact us   

Address: 4-306, Xianglixincuen, Hongli West Road, Shenzhen, China
TEL:86-755-83911841 86-13316919837  86-13332985903   POSTCODE:518034   Contact person: Tom Ding;  Mary Deng
FAX:86-755-83906115 EMAIL: [email protected]

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